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Local artist and writer Chasidy Hathorn set out to experience and chronicle Jonesborough Days in a three-part blog series for the Town of Jonesborough.

Day two of my Jonesborough Days experience began with a very patriotic and heartwarming parade filled with spirited participants showcasing their creative use of red, white and blue.


As I stood outside the Storytelling Center waiting on the parade to begin, I was wonderstruck by the patriotism of Jonesborough–from the turnout of the community (dressed in their best America-inspired attire) to the numerous American flags flying–I could not help myself. I got goosebumps and cried a little.



And when I saw the veterans coming down Main Street, I cried some more. It was humbling. It was the best moment of Jonesborough Days because it truly represented what Independence Day is all about.

Thank you, Town of Jonesborough and the community of Jonesborough. Y’all represented the United States of America well. *high five*



Oh, I forgot to tell y’all my favorite part of the parade! The tractors. It reminded me of my dad.

He would absolutely love Jonesborough Days, especially Doc’s Front Porch and the MoonPie Contest. I’m almost certain I could talk him into participating.



Speaking of MoonPies, the MoonPie eating contest was a total blast to watch.

It consisted of three categories with the winners of those categories receiving FREE MoonPies for a YEAR. How does one win free MoonPies for a year?

Well, it’s simple, whoever eats the most pies in three minutes (and keeps them all down), wins. Wait. There’s a little more you need to know.

After contestants eat each of their pies, they must loudly yell, “I LOVE MOONPIES” while clapping. Then, return to unwrapping and eating until time runs out.



While waiting on the competition to start, I chatted with a few enthusiastic participants on why they were trying for the winning prize. Doris West (age not important because she is enjoying every moment of life) was visiting from Knoxville and was doing the contest for her good friend Brenda. Doris and her husband were enjoying their trip to Jonesborough and were having a very good time at Jonesborough Days, and the MoonPie eating was a perfect way to experience the festival.



I also chatted with Jack (age 9 and not shy at all) and Lyla (age 7 and ready to eat MoonPies) about why they were interested in eating as many MoonPies as possible in three minutes. Jack said that he was hungry, and Lyla simply stated that she loves MoonPies.



From locals returning for another year of MoonPie eating to youngsters from China competing for the first time, the MoonPie contest was a definite must on the Jonesborough Days list for many of the festival goers.

The participants didn’t disappoint the curious crowd. Two categories ended with ties that led to face offs.

Have you ever seen a sudden death match between two fierce MoonPie eaters? Well, come to Jonesborough Days next year and you just might!



Once I recovered from watching dozens of MoonPies being savagely devoured, I made my way to the I Made It Market, a pop-up for young artists and makers sponsored by the McKinney Center.

These kids impressed. They showed up and showed out. These young artisans have incredible talent and a hunger for creating and selling.



Jonesborough embraced these young creatives and provided them with the platform to gain valuable experience in not only business but also communicating with the public. Kuddos, Jonesborough for showcasing these young people.



I honestly could chat about the pop-up market for young makers all day long because their passion and vigor for their handmade goodness was inspirational and contagious.

Round of applause for the I Made It Market vendors.

If you haven’t started a Jonesborough Days bucket list, start one now and put I Made It Market on it. *p.s. Bring lots of cash because these youngsters are cash-only!



Whew! Day two was filled with so many things to do that I can’t possibly talk about everything. I highlighted my three favorites and will give a quick shout out to the “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” Look-A–Like contest and the Johnny Cash NOW concert, which commemorated the Johnny and June Cash (along with Carl Perkins) Jonesborough Days concert from 45 years ago.



Friday was fun. Saturday was patriotic and inspiring. Sunday was adorable. How adorable? Read the next post to find out–or just look at the photos because the words can’t capture the cuteness!

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