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Local artist, writer and founding author of Sweet Sorghum Living, Chasidy Hathorn set out to experience and chronicle Jonesborough Days in a three-part blog series. 

No one will argue that it was hot, hot, hot during Jonesborough Days, but that didn’t stop the families from flocking to all of the fun festivities on Friday–from a real (which I honestly thought it was going to be a pool filled with sand and not-so-real fossils) archeological dig to slices of yummy watermelon.

I started my Jonesborough Days adventure at Discovery Park which was located in Jimmy Neil Smith Park, behind the Storytelling Center. My first stop was the National Park Service Archeology Dig.

Believe me–I was totally surprised to find a square hole (which I am pretty sure holes can be round or square) dug so perfectly with all the things one would expect to find happening at a dig for priceless artifacts.


The organization had various treasures that had been discovered on a local farm on display for the festival goers to see and touch.

The whole experience was not only engaging and fun, but it was also educational and cool.



After digging and sifting for buried treasure, I headed to the iconic Courthouse for the Watermelon Social, sponsored by Ingles Market.

As I was standing in line for my fresh watermelon slice, I couldn’t help but notice and admire all of the American flags and patriotic decorations. It made my heart smile, and I even got a little teary-eyed thinking about my beloved country. (More about Jonesborough’s patriotic spirit in my next post.)



I was soon jolted out of my red, white and blue daydream by the wonderful smell of watermelon. Oh, yummy! There is nothing better on a hot day than a sweet, fresh, delicious slice of watermelon.

*I may or may not have used my watermelon slice as a smile for a selfie in front of the Courthouse. The crowd of people sitting on the steps of the Courthouse eating watermelon really made me realize just how family-friendly and community-orientated Jonesborough is.



Once I had enjoyed my fresh treat, I headed back to Discovery Park to visit the McKinney Center’s tent which offered fun kids crafts and hands-on learning.

It also featured the AmeriCorps Vista’s collaborative art project where Hannah Justis taught about upcycling magazines. This art project had me at upcycling!



Before I headed home for the day, I shopped the variety of arts and crafts vendors (which I may or may not have told my husband that it would only take me a few minutes).

I cannot talk much about my shopping because I may or may not have spent more than I told the husband I would.

The first day of Jonesborough Days was definitely filled with fun for all ages, pleasant surprises, great music, and a variety of vendors.

The only regret I have is not riding the children’s train–which really looked like tons of fun (even more fun had I gotten to drive the train!!). Maybe next year *wink*


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