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During these trying times what keeps us going is knowing that we still have one another, it just looks different. Below you’ll find ways in which we’re still here for you and ways you can be here for us. There are currently no travel restrictions in Tennessee. In an effort to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, to help keep our local businesses open and operating, and ensure our children may return to the classroom, we urge residents, employees, and visitors to wear face masks. For more information on how to travel safely in Tennessee, click here. We invite you to visit the Storytelling Capital of the World once you feel safe to do so.

“Far and away the best prize life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”  Theodore Roosevelt

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Shop locally in Jonesborough

August 12, 2020

Support makers, artists and a small business owners by shopping at these Jonesborough shops. The picturesque setting of downtown offers a welcoming and unique shopping experience like no other. Ever since becoming a town in 1779, Jonesborough’s merchants have taken pride in offering rare and exclusive items for their customers. Check out this list of small businesses and boutiques where you can shop and support Jonesborough’s local economy. And check out our other blog here for additional places to support small by shopping local!

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Live Like A Local And Shop Small At These 7 Places

August 12, 2020

Experience the feelings of nostalgia as you discover candies that will take you back to your childhood, unique home decor to brighten up any living space, and items you can find only In Jonesborough. We’re about to share some of Tennessee’s best-kept secrets, so you won’t want to miss this! And make sure and also check out our other blog on other places to support small by shopping local!

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Our Top List Of Delicious Eats and Sweets

July 29, 2020

Tennessee’s Oldest Town is not only filled with stories, but it’s also filled with unique flavors, homemade recipes and southern hospitality. To help you out, we’ve provided a list of some of the most delectable dishes and sweetest shops in Northeast Tennessee!

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Support Small Businesses in Jonesborough

Restaurants, boutiques, bakeries, antique stores, and all the hard-working small business owners who make Jonesborough so special are here for you. They’ve banded together to create ways they can still be involved in the community during these challenging times. They’re still here for you, find ways to be there for them. Support small businesses in Jonesborough when you can. Click on the video below to learn more about Main Street Cafe.



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Eats And Sweets

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Find something FUN to do! We hope you are staying healthy and happy. Let us know on Facebook which activities you like the best!

Jonesborough's Small Business Recovery Fund

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