Meet the Blogger:

Local artist and writer Chasidy Hathorn set out to experience and chronicle Jonesborough Days in a three-part blog series for the Town of Jonesborough.

The Dog Days of Summer Costume Contest was the highlight of the last of Jonesborough Days.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Apple Valley Pony Parties featuring Domino and Tumbleweed was adorably fun and good for the soul. The music was rockin’ and rollin’. The fireworks show was stunning. Though, none of those things compare to a furbaby pageant.



The costume contest took place on the Main Stage next to the Courthouse.

There were three categories–Best Bathing Suit, Best Trunks and Most Patriotic.

Believe me. These pups worked the stage, the audience and the judges. (Did I mention I was one of the judges? Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick the best from a pack of cuteness? Hard. Really, really hard!)



Because words can’t capture how precious this costume contest was, I’m just going to overload with adorable dog photos wearing bathing suits and patriotic hats.



Reflecting back on Jonesborough Days I can’t help but to smile.

Tennessee’s Oldest Town loves America, loves preserving history and loves giving its community a family-friendly festival filled with music, storytelling, activities for all ages, contests, food/craft vendors, a fireworks show and much more.




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