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Chasidy Hathorn is one of our favorite locals. She is the founding author of Sweet Sorghum Living and an emerging artist who is addicted to rusty metal and coffee.

We snagged Chassidy to tell you all about Jonesborough’s Sweet Scenes, a walkable window display. What better person for this than an artist herself?


I’m not one to venture out during the winter months because I’m not a fan of this rather chilly and gray season. Now, don’t get all fussy with me. There’s no reason to defend winter. It does have it’s good points like no mosquitoes and Jonesborough’s darling Sweet Scenes walkable window display—which by the way, got me out of the house and walking Main Street of Tennessee’s oldest town. Sweet Scenes was hosted by Main Street Jonesborough and was held February 1 through February 9. Participating merchants showed off their unique styles and artistic skills by creating Valentine’s Day themed window displays. I’m telling you the truth when I say Main Street was alive with love and hearts galore!



I invited the husband to go with me because I thought it would be a perfect lazy Sunday date. Our first stop was The Corner Cup to get warm beverages for the stroll around Main Street. I have to admit I absolutely loved all the little hearts painted on the window panes of The Corner Cup and Mill Spring Makers Market. It was simple and sweet—just like love should be *wink*



After getting our drinks, we headed up the street with no plan or particular pace. We just wanted to take our time and enjoy the day. We stopped at each window and chatted about the amount of time they took to create and how nice it was to see a town so passionate about giving its citizens and visitors a delightful and rememberable experience.



As we walked and chatted, we took notes on our favorite displays so we could vote on The People’s Choice ballot for the ultimate Sweet Scene. Let me tell you. We had a really hard time deciding on just ONE favorite because they were all amazing and creative! One of our favorites was the hand-painted scene at Texas Burritos & More. The details were sweet—from the cute burro to the heart-shaped cactus. The artist behind this Sweet Scene did an incredible job and really captured the theme and type of business.



One place that made us slow down and really think about what love is and how we should be spreading more of it was The Historic Eureka Inn. I’m not sure how much time we spent standing and reading the quotes painted on the window panes, but it was long enough to realize that a small gesture can absolutely have a big impact. Thanks, The Historic Eureka Inn. Your messages were much needed.



We really enjoyed the hand-painted windows at Main Street Cafe. The train was great, but the slice of bread dancing with the stick of butter was beyond adorable. It was a sweet dance party that included not only bread and butter, but also peanut butter and jelly. Absolutely one of my favorite features of Sweet Scenes. Five Stars, Main Street Cafe, for being beyond adorable and fun!!



The husband and I finished our Sweet Scenes tour by locking up our love and throwing away the key at Jonesborough Antiques and Artisans. For $5.00, we purchased a Love Lock to show all of Jonesborough our love is forever and ever. Thanks, Jonesborough Antiques and Artisans for a sweet and romantic activity.



I’m so glad I got out of the house and ventured to Main Street Jonesborough for a lazy Sunday date with the best guy a girl could ask for. Seriously, why hasn’t there been a Hallmark movie filmed in Jonesborough yet?!


I’d like to say a BIG THANKS to all of the merchants who created such wonderful scenes in their windows. From the Kissing Booth located at Noelle to the tiny drawings at The International Storytelling Center, there was much love to see. Five Stars, Main Street Jonesborough, Y’all are the sweetest!


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