Storyteller, Donald Davis on Main Street Jonesborough, Tennessee

If you take a walk down Main Street Jonesborough during the week of the National Storytelling Festival, there’s no telling who you might run into. Donald Davis, one of the most loved storytellers with roots running across the Appalachian Mountains, can always be found taking in the ambiance of Jonesborough in early October. On this particular sunny, but cool day, Donald was simply enjoying the company of his wife and a cup full of JJ’s ice cream.

I had the pleasure of taking a walk with him and his wife while hearing their stories of Jonesborough.

“By now I know just about everybody here. Like this morning, I go to the post office and I visit the ladies in there. They say oh, ‘we thought we were gonna see you this week. You’re here! You’re here!’”

Donald is known for his side-splitting stories — and colorful bowties. And he didn’t disappoint today with his wit and blue bowtie donning Hawaiian flowers and palm leaves. It’s nearly impossible to not be drawn in by his bright outfit and fun spirit which creates an uncanny parallel to one another. As we’re strolling along he continues, “Then we’ll go downtown and see Mayor Kelly Wolfe and he says, “You’re here” and then Bill Kennedy, “You’re here, you’re here!” So, it’s just like being home.” Donald lovingly looks at his wife and says, “We couldn’t start October without being in Jonesborough. I don’t remember now, being anywhere else this time of year except here.”

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