Every woman dreams of the perfect setting for her wedding and I was certainly no different. After months of searching, a friend told me about a wedding she had attended at Storybrook Farm in Jonesborough.

She went on and on about how beautiful it was so I just had to check it out. Making the short trip to Jonesborough, which is such a charming and beautiful town, it took me all of two minutes to fall completely in love with the venue. And after meeting the owners, John and Diane Vogt, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this was where I was getting married.

John and Diane are the absolute nicest people you could ever work with – in fact, they made my fiancé and I, and all of our relatives, feel like we were part of their family. They made everything so easy and were truly committed to making sure I had the wedding of my dreams. 

We wanted an outdoor wedding and trust me when I tell you that Storybrook Farm is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The magnificent mountains, the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding, but there are also orchards, a pond, gardens, a brick farmhouse and even a log home. I couldn’t possibly have asked for anything more spectacular.

Our entire wedding party ended up staying there for two nights, another amazing option they offer because Storybrook Farm is also a bed and breakfast. The Vogts handled everything – they worked with our caterers and other vendors to make sure we had no worries at all. And when I say they handled everything I mean it – we held our rehearsal dinner there, the ceremony and the reception and it all went off without a hitch. And each and every moment of all three events were filled with special little touches that I will forever treasure.

My ultra-special day started out with a wonderful breakfast fit for a queen on what had to be the most beautiful day we had ever seen in late May in this area. We took what seemed to be like thousands of pictures in a variety of different spots, each one more gorgeous than the one before. My favorite photos were taken with the thousands of beautiful zinnias they have. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

I simply cannot emphasize it enough – Storybrook Farm is beyond stunning and I feel so very fortunate to have found it. We were married two years ago and I am already making plans to have a big party there on our fifth anniversary. Storybrook Farm will forever hold a very special place in my heart because it’s where I married my best friend and where my fairytale wedding became a reality.

Oh, and since my wedding, my best friend since first grade has gotten married too – at Storybrook, of course.  From the moment she saw it, when we first looked at it for my wedding, she knew it would be just as perfect for her as it was for me. I sincerely don’t believe there’s any place more beautiful or special to have a wedding than Storybrook Farm. It certainly made my dreams come true!

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