Music on the Square has always been about music and the Jonesborough community. For over 20 years, Music on the Square has provided free, live music at its best with the townscape of downtown Jonesborough as the setting.

Over twenty years ago, it was called Music in the Park where the Christopher Taylor Cabin is located now. It was free live music for everyone to enjoy as it is today!

Steve Cook, the event coordinator, decided to move the event from the park to Main Street to draw attention to businesses. At this time, road closure was not approved, so cars passed by in between the musical act and the audience. One evening Steve used sawhorses to close road around the courthouse and people could drive around Courthouse Square. Following the event, attendees called town hall to say they enjoyed it. Ever since then, the road has been closed for this event. That is one of many memories from Music on the Square. Some other memories of the past twenty years include a public wedding proposal, a woman who brought two chickens that sat on her lap, and many great music acts.

Music on the Square has always had a variety of music, and will continue to this 2024 season. Thank you to our incredible sponsors: McLeod Organics, Wolfe Development, Humana, Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home, Crystal Raven, and Silver Raven. 

We’re excited to have the following join us this season:

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