If there’s one place in this town that makes me wish I were born in a different decade, it’s JJ’s Eatery and Ice Cream. I’m an ice cream lover anyway and am always looking for a new place to stop – this one certainly didn’t disappoint.

Usually, in modern ice creameries, the ice cream is served in paper cups or a cone of some kind; gone are the days when it’s scooped into a glass dish. At JJ’s however, that’s just how it comes. They’ve got the classic milkshake and float glasses and two sizes of bowls for ice cream. I chose my favorite: chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, complete with a cherry on top.

I couldn’t help but notice the old-fashioned soda pop bar with stools. The pinks, teals, whites, and silvers decorated the entire shop. The tables had small vases of fresh flowers and the chairs looked like they were straight from an old diner. Towards the back was an awesome wall graphic, and beside it, a glass-front refrigerator complete with glass bottle soda. I felt like all I was missing was a poodle skirt.

Although I didn’t try anything except their ice cream, they served burgers, hot dogs, Philly’s, fries, salads, and both hot and cold sandwiches.  Their menu was hand written on the wall above a classic black and white checkered floor. You could tell they took great care in keeping the quality of the diner top notch.

As I peered out the window, older gentleman passed walking two dogs. A mom pushed a stroller by. Two businessmen appeared to be walking to lunch or a meeting. It was as though I had slipped into a little piece of the past, and the rest of the world continued as normal. The next time you’re looking to stop, and slow life down for a moment, JJ’s Eatery and Ice Cream is certainly the place to go. It is truly the cherry on top of a beautifully nostalgic town. No poodle skirt required.

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