The Free Range Kid

They say the best chickens are free range- what about kids? Are the best kids raised free range as well? Lacey and Mike D’Avella think so. They have raised their very own free range kid, Ashton D’Avella. If you’ve spent time on Main Street, seen a play at the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre, been to the library or even had a picnic at Mill Spring Park then you’ve probably run into Ashton.
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The Story Behind The Most Adventurous Soul In Jonesborough

A Wyoming native, a military veteran, a park ranger, a pioneer in women’s leadership, an equine specialist, a coffee shop owner, and an adventuring enthusiast— this is Deb Kruse. She spent the 60’s immersing herself in the wilderness of Wyoming, fighting fires as a Park Ranger out West, working as an equine caretaker at three horse farms in the hills of Tennessee, and now she spends her days caring for each person who steps into her quaint coffee shop on the corner of Main Street Jonesborough.
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Doggie Bikinis, Pony Parties And Rocking Tunes

July 13, 2018
Trip Ideas

Meet the Blogger:

Local artist and writer Chasidy Hathorn set out to experience and chronicle Jonesborough Days in a three-part blog series for the Town of Jonesborough.

The Dog Days of Summer Costume Contest was the highlight of the last of Jonesborough Days.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Apple Valley Pony Parties featuring Domino and Tumbleweed was adorably fun and good for the soul. The music was rockin’ and rollin’. The fireworks show was stunning. Though, none of those things compare to a furbaby pageant.

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5 Craft Vendors You Must Visit At Jonesborough Days

June 22, 2018
Trip Ideas 2
We’re all counting down until our favorite patriotic festival hits Tennessee’s Oldest Town, Jonesborough Days. It’s one of the regions first festivals and favorites! Maybe your little ones are thrilled to ride the trackless train or maybe the guys out there can’t stop thinking about the mouthwatering low country shrimp boil. And of course, we all love to stroll through the locally crafted items at the vendor booths. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at a few of the most anticipated vendors for this year’s festival— and they’re all under 14 years old!
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Local Artist

A Dumpster Diving Veteran, An Upcycling Queen And An Old Soul With Southern Roots

Sometimes you meet people and instantly feel at home. You know— those people that have a way about them, they're welcoming, exciting, bubbly and just downright sweet. And that’s exactly who Chasidy Hathorn is. I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Chasidy awhile back. I still deem that as one of the most intentional and truest conversations I’ve had with a complete stranger. She gave me a tour of her art gallery-like home, allowed me to peer inside her studio, and told me the tales of the trinkets on her shelf full of memories. She’s the perfect cross between Rachel Greene and Monica Geller, need I say more?
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Garden Inspired Girls Getaway

May 23, 2018
Trip Ideas
Enjoy the smell of fresh flowers, sprawling ivy, immaculate English Gardens, and lush landscapes all in the beauty and charm of Tennessee’s Oldest Town. The Garden Gala is a charity event that sets the stage for an entire weekend of fun. The best part is that we’ve already planned out the ultimate garden inspired girls getaway just for you!
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