Family Outings

April 22, 2016
Trip Ideas
Trying to find a great place to take the family for a little R&R? Look no further because Jonesborough is a truly memorable experience that has something for every member of your family. While Jonesborough is indeed the oldest town in Tennessee and is chock full of history, it also features charming restaurants, excellent shopping opportunities, majestic bed and breakfasts, incredible museums, parks…and the list goes on and on.
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A Little Town with a Big Story

We’ve all heard the old saying “good things come in small packages,” right? Well, here in Jonesborough, that’s certainly the case.

cfiles43099If you’ve never been here, you might wonder what’s so special about a place that doesn’t even take up five square miles. For us locals – and by that I mean anybody in Northeast Tennessee – we’re very much aware of what a jewel Jonesborough is and always has been.

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The Allure of Historic Jonesborough

Quick, what first comes to mind when you think about Jonesborough? For plenty of people, it’s the fact that the town is the oldest one in the entire state of Tennessee. For others it may well be that Jonesborough is home to the International Storytelling Center and the annual National Storytelling Festival.

Pretty impressive stuff BUT that’s not all – there’s lots more to Jonesborough. Trust me!

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