Maybe you’re a visitor or maybe you’ve lived in Jonesborough your whole life, either way you can enjoy these stories in the Jonesborough community play, We Did It Together. Opening night was a sell out, so get your tickets for the final weekend! Check out these five snippets from real stories in the play:

“The only road we had to drive down was Main Street Jonesborough. On a Sunday afternoon! We loaded the calf, and I tried to slink down in the seat as low as I could.” Jimmy Neil Smith, founder of the International Storytelling Center, recounts an embarrassing memory from his childhood in Jonesborough.

“We can walk alone. Or we can walk together. But I look around, and I know I didn’t get here by walking alone.” This story focuses on Ernest McKinney, the first African American alderman in Jonesborough.

“During the Depression, my family moved over the line to North Carolina. It was way out in the country. Made Jonesborough look like a big city. They didn’t even have a church. My sister wasn’t having that.” Elsie Hartness Thomas started the first church in Jonesborough.

“I wore that shoe everywhere so people could see his autograph. For years, I wore those shoes until it finally faded away.” Judy Rogers was a dancer performing in Memphis and who does she see on the street? ELIVS!

“He became famous for raiding everywhere. I don’t mean just moonshine stills and nip joints. He raided the country club!” Find out more about Sheriff John Cloyd!

Tickets are available at for the show this weekend.

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