Small Businesses Are Here For You, Be There For Them

We just kicked off the first phase of the “We’re Here For You” campaign. This highlights ways Jonesborough businesses are here for you, even during these uncertain days. We’re currently in phase two, working to create ways the community is here for our small businesses.

We need your help in creating a recovery fund to provide immediate grants to Jonesborough’s small businesses as well as additional marketing efforts.



Small businesses may be operating a bit differently, but they’re striving to provide normalcy during these trying times.

JAMSA (Jonesborough Area Merchants and Services Association), Main Street Jonesborough and the Town of Jonesborough stand behind them. We hope you will too.


 “Supporting a small business means you are not only supporting your community and it’s future, but also supporting a family and perhaps someone’s dream. By supporting a local business, you are often helping the environment as small businesses generally have a smaller carbon footprint”

-Gabriel’s Christmas and Tennessee Tails

“Small business is the heart of Jonesborough. When you shop from a local business it’s personal and thoughtful. We offer unique gifts and personalized shopping and we love our customers. Shopping local matters because it affects the entire community, we are businesses that support local sports teams, charities, and events. We love our community and hope to be around to support it for a long time.”

-Pink Whale Boutique


“Traditionally “downtowns” functioned as the economic, cultural, and spiritual core of a community. Essentially the heartbeat of a town. When you shop small you keep that heartbeat alive. Shopping small is a way to honor small-town values while supporting our community and our neighbors.”

-Crystal Raven

“Jonesborough is where we’re from, so we love to provide for our friends, family, and neighbors. Shopping small not only benefits us as a business, but it also helps to bring our community together. We grow, harvest, and process all of our own products, so everything about us is local.”

-East Tennessee Hemp Co.


“Shopping small means supporting many hard-working people trying to earn a living. And helping small businesses thrive, which is what built this country.”

-Jonesborough Barrel House

“I think it’s great to support local businesses because when you buy a product from a small business, your money goes right back into the local economy. Small Business Saturday always turns out to be my busiest day of the year. I spend hours and hours preparing inventory for that day and I always get cleared out.”

-Paul’s Pens


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Are You A Jonesborough Business Looking to apply?

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