Christmas Year Round

March 22, 2022

Gabriel’s Christmas, an all-year-round Christmas store in Jonesborough, is starting something new! They are offering a subscription box for year-round holiday cheer!

Gabriel’s Christmas is located in downtown Jonesborough, but now you can have Christmas cheer mailed to you. 

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Jonesborough Black History Month

February 7, 2022
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Jonesborough and Washington County have a strong, African American history. Prior to the Civil War, both enslaved and free people of color called Washington County home. In the 1860 census, there were 952 enslaved people in Washington County.
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The Lost State of Franklin

January 27, 2022
The lost state of Franklin may not have become a state, but its legacy lives on. This first attempt at making a state after the Revolutionary War will influence the United States Constitution, and is filled with fascinating history.
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Each Building Has A Story

October 9, 2019
As you walk down the historic streets of downtown Jonesborough, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve taken a step back in time. The buildings you see as you explore Main Street have just as much of a history as the little town they were built in. Known as the Storytelling Capital of the World, each of the buildings offer their own special story. One of these buildings that really tends to stand out is Mauk’s of Jonesborough.
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Whiskey, Rum, Aged Bourbon And Even…. “Briskey”?

August 25, 2017
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Not long ago I visited Tennessee Hills Distillery with a group of friends. I wouldn’t have thought that Jonesborough would be the home of a pretty amazing distillery, but it is. The surprisingly young owner’s sense of style and love for good liquor definitely carried through the vibe of the distillery and taste of his product. It was trendy and hip with a subtle nod to the heritage of the town.
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Through Windows of the Past

August 11, 2017
Trip Ideas
I was in full tourist mode as I strolled down the street in beautiful historic downtown Jonesborough. I wondered what the town was like 100 years ago. The buildings still had that old timey charm making me think about the history of the place. I couldn’t help but gaze at a gorgeous tan building with maroon trim, and to top it all off the building had an outstanding 2nd floor porch overlooking downtown.
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